Using Equity Feed to dominate the markets

Are you an active day trader? If so then Equity Feed may be just what you need to get a new edge over the competition in the markets.

EquityFeed is a trading platform designed for active traders and day traders who want to fully utilize their time, discover the best penny stocks to buy, and maximize profits. The platform offers a comprehensive set of stock screening features, which are customizable to each user’s unique preferences.

Stock screening capabilities are powered by Equity Feed’s Filter Builder, an ideal tool for intra-day trading. The system allows the trader to select various analytics and view immediate results based on chosen criterion. The way EquityFeed states it, using the platform’s filtering system makes hunting for the best penny stocks “like shooting fish in a barrel.”

EquityFeed’s pattern recognition tool alerts traders to pertinent and profitable technical events like new highs and lows, volume and price breakouts, and block trades – all in real-time.

Users also have access to one of the industry’s fastest and most advanced news streamers, also loaded with powerful filtering features. This is real-time news at its finest. EquityFeed’s MarketView displays entire equity markets ranked and sorted according to user preference allowing for easy viewing of active stocks.

When you’re ready for more in-depth monitoring, EquityFeed’s Chart Montage is the way to go. After an interesting stock has been identified, the Chart Montage delivers real-time Level 1 data of the play’s technical indicators. It doesn’t stop there; EquityFeed’s Level 2 quotes display shows any stock’s order book with all the market makers who are lined up on bid and ask prices. It’s a play-by-play display of Level 2 action.

These are just several features within the EquityFeed platform. If you’re ready to spend less time while making more, sign up for a free 14-day trial to get started with the top penny stock alerts.